Translation of credit in Setswana


nounPlural credits

  • 1

    mo go ipelwang ka gone
    ‘a credit to the school’ yo sekolo se ipelang ka ênê
    • a source of pride or honour
  • 2

    ‘I must give you credit for persistence’ Ke tshwanetse go go fa thotloetsô ka go sa ineeleng ga gago
    • praise or acknowledgement given for some achievement or good quality
  • 3

    • an arrangement trusting a person to pay for something later on
  • 4

    madi a a mo letloleng
    Compare debit
    • an amount of money in an account at a bank

verbcredits, crediting, credited

  • 1

    ‘She’s passed all her exams - would you credit it?’ O fenntse ditlhatlhobô tsa gagwê tsotlhe- a o ka dumêla seo?
    • believe
  • 2

    bega katlêgô ya mongwe
    • attribute
    • say that a person has done or achieved something
  • 3

    tsenya madi mo letloleng
    Compare debit
    • enter something as a credit in a financial account