There are 2 main translations of catch in Setswana

: catch1catch2



  1. take and hold something

  2. arrest or capture

  3. be in time to get on a bus or train, etc.

  4. get an illness

  5. Examples

    • I didn't catch what he said

      Ga ke a utlwa se a neng a se bua


  6. Examples

    • She was caught smoking in the playground

      O tshwerwe a gôga motsoko kwa lebaleng

    discover somebody doing something wrong

  7. Examples

    • I caught my dress on a nail

      Mosese wa me o ne o tshwerwe ke sepekere

    make or become stuck or entangled

  8. Examples

    • The blow caught him on the nose

      Lebole le mo iteile mo nkong

    hit; strike

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