Translation of about in Setswana



  1. Examples

    • It costs about P5

      E ja Dipula di ka nna tlhano

    • Come at about two o'clock

      Tla ka bo nakô ya bobedi

    near in amount or size or time, etc.

  2. Examples

    • Tell me about your holiday

      Mpolêlêlê ka ga malatsi a gago a boitapolosô

    on the subject of; in connection with

  3. Examples

    • They ran about the playground

      Ba ne ba taboga taboga gotlhe mo lebaleng la metshamekô

    all round; in various parts of


  1. Examples

    • They were running about

      Ba ne ba tabogêla kwa le kwa

    in various directions

  2. Examples

    • He is somewhere about

      O teng gautshwanyane

    not far away

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