Thanolo ya turn ka Setswana



  1. the action of turning; a turning movement

  2. a change; the point where something turns

  3. Dikai

    • It's your turn to wash up

      Ke nakô ya gago ya go tlhapa

    an opportunity or duty that comes to each person in succession

  4. a place where one road meets another, forming a corner

Thanolo ya turn ka Setswana



  1. move round; move to a new direction

  2. Dikai

    • He turned pale

      O ne a fetoga a setlhafala

    change in appearance or manner; become

  3. Dikai

    • You can turn milk into butter

      O kgona go tšhentšhela maši mo botôrong

    make something change

  4. Dikai

    • Turn that radio off

      Tima seromamowa seo

    move a switch, etc., to control something

  5. Dikai

    • It has turned midnight

      Go fetile bosigogare

    pass a certain time

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