Thanolo ya state ka Setswana


Noun (bontsi states)

  1. the quality of a person's or thing's characteristics or circumstances; condition

  2. Dikai

    • the State of Israel

    • the 50 States of the USA

    an organized community under one government (the State of Israel) or forming part of a republic (the 50 States of the USA)

  3. Dikai

    • Help for the earthquake victims was provided by the state

      Thusô ya ba ba amilweng ke thoromô ya lefatshe e ne e tlisiwa ke goromêntê

    a country's government

  4. Dikai

    • She arrived in state

      O ne a gôrôga ka seemô sa maêmô a a kwa godimo

    a grand style

  5. informal

    an excited or upset condition


  1. express something in spoken or written words

Neilwe Dithata ke Oxford