Thanolo ya spiral ka Setswana


go dikologa


  • 1

    go dikologa
    • going round and round a central point and becoming gradually closer to it or further from it
    • twisting continually round a central line, cylinder, etc.

leinaPlural spirals

  • 1

    tselana e e dikologang
    • a spiral line or course

ledirispirals, spiralling, spiralled

  • 1

    tsamaya ka go dikologa
    • move in a spiral
  • 2

    go fokotsega go bo go ôketsega gantsi go boelela
    ‘Prices were spiralling’ Ditlhwatlhwa di ne di ôketsega di bo di fokotsega gantsi ka go boelela
    • increase or decrease continuously and quickly