Thanolo ya short ka Setswana


mo go khutshwane

letlhaodishorter, shortest

  • 1

    mo go khutshwane
    ‘a short walk’ loêtô lo lo khutshwane
    small, little, brief, concise
    • not long
    • occupying a small distance or time
  • 2

    mo go khutshwane
    ‘a short person’ motho yo mokhutshwane
    small, little, petite, stocky
    • not tall
  • 3

    go tlhaêla
    ‘Water is short’ Metsi a a tlhaêla
    ‘We are short of water’ Re tlhaêlelwa ke metsi
    low, meagre, scant, deficient, inadequate, insufficient
    • not enough
    • not having enough of something
  • 4

    go nna pelokhutshwane
    abrupt, sharp, blunt, brusque, impatient, rude
    • bad-tempered and seeming rude, because of only using a few words


  • 1

    ka tshoganyetso
    ‘She stopped short’ O ne a êma ka tshoganyetso
    • suddenly