Thanolo ya register ka Setswana


nankolô semmusô ya maina

leinaPlural registers

  • 1

    nankolô semmusô ya maina
    • an official list of things or names
  • 2

    buka ya go tsena sekolo
    • a book in which information about school attendances is recorded

lediriregisters, registering, registered

  • 1

    • list something in a register
  • 2

    ‘The thermometer registered 100 degrees’ Thêmometara e supa 100
    • indicate
    • show
  • 3

    nna mo tlhaloganyong
    • make an impression on somebody's mind
  • 4

    duêla tlhôtlhwa e e kwa godimonyana go pôsa dikwalô
    • pay extra to protect a letter or parcel sent against loss or damage