Thanolo ya note ka Setswana


Noun (bontsi notes)

  1. something written down as a reminder or as a comment or explanation

  2. a short letter

  3. Dikai

    • a P20 note

      P20 wa pampiri

    a banknote

  4. a single sound in music

  5. Dikai

    • a note of warning

      modumô wa tlhagisô

    a sound or quality that indicates something

  6. Dikai

    • Take note of what I am about to say

      Tlhôkômêla se ke tlogang ke se bua

    notice or attention


  1. make a note about something; write down

  2. Dikai

    • Note what we say

      Rêkêgêla se re se buang

    notice or pay attention to

Neilwe Dithata ke Oxford