Go na le dithanolo di le 3 tsa konokono tsa lead mo Setswana

: lead1lead2lead3



  1. take or guide somebody, especially by going in front

  2. be winning in a race or contest; be ahead

  3. be in charge of a group of people

  4. Dikai

    • This path leads to the shop

      Mmila o o ya kwa lebenkeleng

    be a way or route

  5. Dikai

    • He leads a dull life

      O tshela botshelô jo bo bodutu

    live or experience


  1. Dikai

    • She took the lead on the final bend

      O ne a tsaya boeteledipele mo segôgôrôpong sa bofelô

    a leading place or part or position

  2. Dikai

    • We should be taking a lead on this issue

      Re tshwanetse go tsaya kêtêlêlôpele mo kgannyeng e

    guidance or example

  3. a clue to be followed

  4. a strap or cord for leading a dog or other animal

  5. an electrical wire attached to something

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