Thanolo ya hand ka Setswana



  1. the end part of the arm below the wrist

  2. a pointer on a clock or dial

  3. Dikai

    • All hands on deck!

      Babereki botlhe ba tlê go thusa!

    a worker; a member of a ship's crew

  4. the cards held by one player in a card game

  5. Dikai

    • the right-hand side

      letlhakore la moja

    • on the other hand

      ka fa letsogong le lengwe

    side or direction

  6. Dikai

    • Give me a hand with these boxes

      Nthuse ka mabôkosô a

    help or aid

Thanolo ya hand ka Setswana



  1. Dikai

    • Hand it over

      Ba nêêlê

    give or pass something to somebody

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