Thanolo ya clear ka Setswana



  1. transparent

  2. easy to see or hear or understand

  3. Dikai

    • The road is clear

      Tsela ga e na dikgoreletsi

    free from obstacles or unwanted things

  4. Dikai

    • a clear conscience

      segakolodi se se phêpa

    free from guilt

  5. Dikai

    • Give three clear days' notice

      Fa malatsi a le mararo a a tletseng a kitsisô


Thanolo ya clear ka Setswana



  1. Dikai

    • We heard you loud and clear

      Re go utlwile sentlê e bile ga gona tsietsêgô

    distinctly; clearly

  2. Dikai

    • Stand clear of the doors

      Emang kgakajana le mabati

    apart; not in contact


  1. make or become clear

  2. show that somebody is innocent or reliable

  3. jump over something without touching it

  4. Dikai

    • Clear this with the headmaster

      Tsaya tetlêlêlô kwa go mogokgo

    get approval or authorization for something

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