Go na le dithanolo di le 2 tsa konokono tsa case mo Setswana

: case1case2


Noun (bontsi cases)

  1. Dikai

    • In every case we found that somebody had cheated

      Mo tiragalong nngwe le nngwe re fitlhetse gore mongwe o tsieditse

    an example of something existing or occurring; a situation

  2. Dikai

    • a murder case

      kgetsi ya polaô

    something officially investigated, especially by the police

  3. Dikai

    • She put forward a good case for equality

      O ne a ntsha mabaka a a nonofileng go buêlêla tekatekanô

    a set of facts or arguments to support something

  4. a question to be decided in a lawcourt

  5. the form of a word that shows how it is related to other words. Lorato's is the possessive case of Lorato; him is the objective case of he.

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