Thanolo ya between ka Setswana


fa gare

letlhalosi la boemo

  • 1

    fa gare
    ‘between the walls’ fa gare ga mabôtana
    • within two or more given limits
  • 2

    ‘The train runs between Gaborone and Lobatse’ Terena e lomaganya Gaborone le Lobatse
    • connecting two or more people, places, or things
  • 3

    ‘Divide this money between you’ Kgaoganang madi a magareng ga lona
    • shared by
  • 4

    ‘Can you tell the difference between them?’ A o ka ba farologanya?
    • separating
    • comparing


The preposition between should be followed by the object form of the pronoun (me, her, him, them, or us). The expression 'between you and I' is incorrect; say between you and me.


  • 1

    fa gare
    ‘The house was near a park, but there was a road in between’ Ntlo e ne e bapile le lefelô la boikhutsô, mme go ne go na le tsela fa gare ga tsônê
    • in the space or period of time separating two or more places, dates, etc.